It's too expensive!

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I'm not sure what you mean by "too expensive." Cost is always relative to benefits received, and one person might find something over-priced that another person finds under-priced.

Think about cars. Is a brand new Mercedes Benz expensive? Well, it might be if your budget only affords you a Chevy. But the Mercedes looks cheap compared to a Rolls Royce.

Many times, we find that when people say something is "too expensive," they simply mean that they haven't been convinced of the value, or they are having a hard time finding the funds needed to make a purchase. 

It may very well be that you can’t afford to take advantage of one of our products or services. That’s okay. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too expensive, in general. Just that it doesn’t fit into your budget.

If the only thing keeping you from getting started is making it fit into your budget, then I would encourage you to fill out a support ticket and let us know. If you need to make special arrangements for payment, such as making a few easier monthly payments or waiting a few days or weeks for some money to come in, just let us know what you can do. In many cases, if you’re arrangement is reasonable, we’ll be happy to work with you if it’s possible.

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