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That’s a great question.

About T.J. Rohleder

T.J. Rohleder is known as America's Blue Jeans Millionaire because he's the most average guy you'll ever meet. He was working as a factory worker in the mid-1980s when he began searching for a way to stay home and make money. After sending away for all kinds of plans and programs, he and his wife discovered a simple way to make money from home. In 1988, they started their first business to share their simple system with other people.

About Bethesda Discount Prescriptions

In 2015, T.J. launched Bethesda Discount Prescriptions. The purpose of this business is to help people earn extra money by helping people get discounts off the high retail prices of prescription drugs. They launched the Easy Passive Income System to help clients earn commissions by reaching out to churches and other non-profit organizations to help them raise money.

About The Direct Response Network

T.J. launched The Direct Response Network in 1996 with an emphasis on teaching direct response marketing strategies. Though the DRN, they've shared hundreds of audio programs, books, and coaching services with the goal of teaching the best strategies and principles that have been responsible for their success over the years.

About M.O.R.E. Incorporated

T.J. and his wife started Mid-American Opportunity Research Enterprises, Incorporated (M.O.R.E. Inc.) in the fall of 1988 with a passion for helping people make more money... just like they did.

In 2013, M.O.R.E. Inc. celebrated their 25th year in business. From that September day back in 1988, they’ve been dedicated to researching the hottest ways other people are making money, and then helping our Clients by developing turn-key systems for making money with these discoveries.

Our offices are located in the old Bethesda Hospital Building at 305 East Main in Goessel, Kansas. We’ve been in the same small town that we started in all those years ago. Other than when the State changed our area code years ago, we’ve had the same phone number all those years.

No matter which company or business you found us through, we’re glad you're here and we want to serve you. Please open a new Ticket and let us know how we can help.

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